In Januari of 2020 I had the honor to visit Rwanda. 
The land of a thousand hills!

Together with Humberto Tan, we were asked by Visit-Rwanda and TravelProof if we could make photography essay of what the country has become. 
I had no idea what I was stepping into. The mission was Photograph The Big Five, The Mountain Gorillas, Lake Kivu and show the world all the beauty the country has to offer. 

I didnt know what to expect. All I knew about was the genocide back in the 90s. Was I smacked by surprise to see with my own eyes what the country is today! A place that is achiving so many things the rest of the world can only dream about. 
Like banning plastic in all of the country, like having 1 day every month that every abled body goes outside to help clean the streets and the country, Ive learned about real forgiveness and that it is possible to change the world. Rwanda is an example and an inspiration. 

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