Korsow 'Curacao'

Curacao, the island where i was born and raised.
I fled when I was 17. Not feeling like it was my place. After years of living in The Netherlands and only going back once every 4-5 years. Ive slowly been trying to figure out where or what I was running from? 

This brought up a lot of conversations with island friend and awesome photographer: Jarmal Martis

This exploration of this thought. Has brought us both to exploring photogaphy / picture books made off the island and on the Island. And we have noticed that there wasnt many there.
And the books that where there, almost 80% was made from people who came from outside the island. Outside the community. And photographed it like any outsider would. 
It didnt feel like a real representation of the place where I learned to walk, swim, love and hate. 

So I decided to go back and document it! To at least try and find out what and where exactly did I grow up?

Now that ive gone back a few times and explored this idea. What we see is the inevitable change time brings to a place.
Sooner or later everybody wants "new style" "modern" architecture.
The old has to make way for the new. And this is also happening on Curacao. I understand it but it also makes me a bit sad. There should be a way to keep more of the old.
There are many projects that are doing this and working on this. But its also in the little things. So here is the series to those little things. Before they disappear forever. 

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