Richard Terborg is a people photographer in every sense of the term. A practicing photographer with two decades of expertise, he loves human-based images as they allow him to develop an emotional connection with the people he photographs. When shooting for a client, he consistently seeks a balance between sharpening the vision of the client brief and adding his own personal, artistic touch to the project.

Apart from photography, Terborg is deeply involved in the world of art in general whether it be music, fine art, or fashion. As a curator of narratives, he is passionate about connecting people and creating an organic constellation of networking partners to complete projects around the globe.

As a brand ambassador for Elinchrom and Olympus Terborg offers workshops in photography, set design, lighting, and entrepreneurship for creatives in countries such as The Netherlands, Curacao, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Wales, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Canada.

Over the years, Terborg has had four solo expositions and multiple group expositions. Terborg’s work has been featured in multiple magazines (digital & paper) including Zoom, Focus, DigiFoto Pro, Vogue Netherlands, Chantal and most recently, Digital Photographer Magazine.

Terborg studied MultiMedia and Design at The College of Multimedia in Amsterdam.

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